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STUDS is a CONTEST to see who can move up the most over the course of the ​season.  It DOES NOT define your tennis life.  Some players above you on the leaderboard may not be as good as you.  Some players below you may be better.  The system is designed to create competitive matches while enabling men to move up into tougher competition or slide down into competition more suited to them.  The more you play and WIN, the better your chances of moving up.  Sitting out, regardless of the reason, will not help your chances.

  1. No "No-Shows" Allowed
    If you register as "IN" check the groups page on Thursday and be sure to show up.  3 other men are counting on you.  Emergencies happen.  When they do, call, e-mail or text The Commish (, 704-905-0536)

  2. Register Weekly
    Register your availability for each week by Thursday at 3PM so groups can be posted by Thursday Evening.

  3. Match default is 3 Full Sets UNLESS:
    - you do not have 35 minutes remaining on your reservation (ie 8-10 Saturday) and there is a reservation following you.
    - If the heat index is above 90 degrees, and 1 man needs a 10-point tie break, then play the 10-pointer

  4. One person enters scores when match is complete
    See this website for link to score entry

  5. Movement
    If you WIN you could move up 3 spots, however, if you hit another man that also won, AVG Points breaks the tie
    - If you lose you could move down three spots.

  6. Good sportsmanship is expected

  7. Double Headers - Fri/Sat or Sat/Sat
    Double Headers or DH's are a convenient way to "square out" foursomes.  You will only be assigned a DH if you select that it is "possible" on the weekly registration form.  DH's are not automatic.  Court constraints limit the total number of matches that can be played, so watch the groups page to see where you are slotted each week.

  8. Points
    While winning or losing determines the direction of your movement, the points you earn determine if you will JUMP another man during re-rank. Points are earned in the following way:
    - 1 point for showing up
    - 1 point for winning a set
    - 3 points for winning a match
    - 10 points distributed by the percentage of games you win.  A 6-0, 6-0 thrashing will earn you all 10 points.  A 6-4, 1-6, 6-3 win will earn you 50% of the 10 points, or 5 points.  In this case your total would be 1+2+3+5=11 and your opponents would  earn 1+1+0+5=7.

  9. New Players
    New players will be slotted in at an appropriate spot on the leaderboard.  4.5s near the top, 4.0 top middle, 3.5 low middle and 3.0's at or near the bottom.  The exact slotting will be posted here once the Initial LB is settled.

  10. Schedule
    - Weekly Registration Opens Sunday
    - Weekly Registration Closes Thursday at 3PM
    - Groups Posted Thursday Evening
    - Friday Matches 7PM
    - Saturday matches 8:00AM or 10:00AM until cold weather sets in, then 10:00AM and Noon

  11. Same Partner two Consecutive Matches 
    We try to mix up partners, so IF the system assigns you the same partner for two consecutive matches, week-to-week, or in a DH, spin racquets to reset the pairings.  It is possible for one man to have the same partner as his last match while the "partner" had a different partner in his last match.  This could be due to a man missing a week(s) or a man playing a DH.  There is no hard and fast RULE here.  Do what seems fair and have fun.

  12. Groups
    Groups are built from the weekly availability.  The goal is to create 8 man groups then use a random draw to create matches from the 8 men.  However, in an effort to keep matches competitive there is a "soft' rule that the range between the top man in a group and the bottom man should not exceed 20 LB spots.  When the span grows beyond 20 spots,  4 man groups are created.  Whether a 4 man group or an 8 man group, your movement is completely dependent upon your result.  Groups are created by the Commish and can by influenced by cash, beer, fruity beverages, and other perks.